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Sold Antique Item #C1353

English Pepper Box 2" Barrel Revovler

  • Description:

    An English Birmingham built and proofed Pocket Pepper Box revovler.  This piece shows a 6 shot, 32 caliber barrel cluster in the scarcer 2 " length, overall 6".  This example shows very good bores

Sold Antique Item #C1352

Dean,Adams and Dean 38 Bore Percussion Revolver

  • Description:

    SN 10904 R is a Dean, Adams & Dean revolver built circa 1853.  Fom reference see page 93 of "The Revolver 1818-1865" by Taylerson.  This example shows an overall sound condition.  This is one o

Sold Antique Item #C1351

Antique Pinefire Revolver In Scarce Case

  • Description:

    A Belgium built LeFaucheux pattern pinfire pocket revolver.  This example shows an overall grey finish, 3 1/4" barrel and overall length of 7".  The action functions with the typical weak sear spri

Sold Antique Item #C1350

Wogdon Duelling Pistol

  • Description:

    This antique flintlock shows a 10" barrel marked to the famous British maker Wogdon, London.  The barrel shows a silver front sight and is of the style plate 23, page 49 of"The British  Duelling Pi

Sold Antique Item #C1349

Flint British Bayonet Pistol Circa 1815

  • Description:

    A scarce British Box Lock, pocket bayonet pistol, 54 Bore.  This piece is maker marked Saynors on the left of the action.  #3 on the barrel and frame.  This piece is all complete .  The action work