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Sold Item #C1871

Original Set of Wood Luger Grips

  • Description:

    Excellent plus grips both matching #72 plus Imperial proof.  These came off a DWM 08 Luger.  Clean sharp checkering, Sorry but all parts sold on non return basis.  All parts are genuine unless othe

New Antique Item #C1834

British W. Chance & Son Percussion Pistol

  • Price: $1,250.00 CAD
  • Description:

    William Chance & Son, London, percussion Travelling Pistol.  This maker from 1830-1860 was known for his Indian trade guns.  This example shows a percussion, back action lock pistol with a 5 1/

New Item #C1861

Remington 218 Bee 46 Grain Mushroom 49 Rounds

  • Price: $80.00 CAD
  • Description:

    1950's, early 60's box of 218 Bee cartridges .  The box is tattered and worn.  The 49 cartridges are excellent.  Not a collector box but great shooting cartridges.

Sold Item #C1840

Wilkinson Late WW2 1907 Bayonet

  • Description:

    A less common 1907 bayonet marked W.S.C. (Wilkinson Sword Company). Left side shows 1907 over WSC dated 1 45.

Sold Item #C1860

Dominion 38-40 Full Box Mid 1950's

  • Description:

    Original box of 50 Dominion (CIL) 38-40 Winchester cartridges, 180 grain soft point.  All the cartridges rate excellent HS Dominion 38-40.  The box is mid 1950's.  The front side shows a red added

New Item #C1867

Webley No 3 MK 1 Flaregun

  • Price: $475.00 CAD
  • Description:

    SN 62343 is a British 1940 dated No 3 MK 1 flare pistol.  1 1/2" bore.  This piece shows most of the original blue, as new bore and breech face indicating no usage.  The grips remain in excellent c

New Antique Item #C1833

Henry Nock Boxlock Flint Pistol

  • Price: $450.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Henry Nock (1760-1810) was a famous gun maker in both London and Birmingham.  This boxlock shows his name and is fitted with the sliding safety as invented by him.  This pistol is mechanically soun

New Item #C1841

Wilkinson 1888 MK 1 2nd Type Bayonet

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    British Pattern 1888 MK 1 2nd type bayonet. Blade is marked crown VR 10 94 Wilkinson London, surplus sale on pommel.  Bright blade with staining, sound grips, clear example. No scabbard.

Sold Non-restricted Item #C1866

Swedish M-1897 6.5 X 55 Caliber Rifle

  • Description:

    SN 146247 is a 1904 dated Carl Gustafs 1896 rifle in 6.5 X 55 .  This example shows a matching bolt #247.  This rifle went through a Swedish military rebuild at some time and shows minor parts not

Sold Item #C1856

Full original Box of CIL 44-40 Shot

  • Description:

    Full original box of CIL 44-40 shot cartridges.  Normally found in the 20 round box, this is a full box of 50.  All of the cartridges are original to the box.  Headstamped Dominion 44-40 with clear

Sold Item #C1858

Dominion 22 Hornet in 50 Round Box

  • Description:

    Collector grade Dominion CIL box of 22 Hornet.  This 50 round packaging was replaced by the more common 20 round box.  The box is very sound.  Interesting top call-out indicates the 4 rifle manufac

Sold Antique Item #C1865

Enfield Martini Henry QHQ Issue MKIV 577/450

  • Description:

    Antique Martini MK IV Long Lever dated 1886.  Serial number on the left side of the knox form and on the rear sight.  This example is not a Napalese import but was a piece that saw service in Canad

Sold Item #C1853

Lot of 345 Rounds Canadian 7.62

  • Description:

    1 lot of Canadian 7.62 ball ammunition built by IVI 1980.  Excellent rounds. All in stripper clips that are marked C1-IVI-80. Total of 345 cartridges.

Sold Item #C1854

CIL/Dominion Hard Point 30-30 Box

  • Description:

    Excellent box and original cartridge.  Bright blue & yellow box with cartridge, Dominion 30-30 on both sides.  The box is one of the over laid bottom style.  The 30-30 is a common cartridge but

Sold Non-restricted Item #C1859

BSA Shirley 1946 No 5 Jungle Carbine

  • Description:

    SN BH8015 is a BSA Shirley Built No 5 Carbine in 1946.  The code for the Shirley works M47 C is located on the left side of the socket.  This carbine retains a bright excellent 303 caliber bore and

Sold Restricted Item #C1855

Webley MK 5 Military Target Revolver

  • Description:

    SN 135908 is an excellent plus example of a military officers 7 1/2" barreled MK 5 Target Model Webley .  This example shows a bright excellent plus bore in 450/455 caliber.  The blue rates at 99%

Sold Item #C1851

Lot of 2 Boxes of Rem 5 MM RF Cartridges

  • Description:

    2 Boxes of 50 round each, original 5 mm Remington R1 magnum cartridges.  This cartridge was intoduced in 1969 but removed by Remington in 1982.  Both boxes and cartridges rate excellent .  There ar

Sold Item #C1849

Lot of 3 Boxes of 9 MM CDN MK 1 Ammo

  • Description:

    Lot of 192 rounds of Canadian IVI cartridges. A full box of 1978 & 76 dated. The 3rd box is mostly 1972 but is topped up with approximately 16 rounds of DA 1956.

New Item #C1839

Steyr Model 1886 Kropatschek Bayonet

  • Price: $95.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Bayonet & scabbard for a Steyr 1886 Kropatschek rifle  as used by Portugal.  Excellent plus blade, sound scales and scabbard.

New Prohib Item #C1843

Smith & Wesson 22 Model 34-1 Revolver

  • Price: $525.00 CAD
  • Description:

    M54077 is a S & W Model 34-1, 22 caliber, 4" barrel revolver.  This example shows 99% plus original finish metal, case color and wood.  This "as new " Smith comes in its' factory box with label

New Item #C1848

Dominion Diamond Bent D Box of 32 Remington

  • Price: $125.00 CAD
  • Description:

    Collector grade two piece box of 32 Remington cartridges.  The box is the red and green with cartridge logo on the top.  20 rounds built for the auto loading Remington, the standard auto rifle and